River Cruises

What is river cruising?

River cruising has become a popular form of leisure travel. Typically, river cruises are 7+ nights, range in size in terms of passenger, crew, and ships. They sail rivers in the United States, as well as rivers on most continents. 


Where exactly can I go on a river cruise?

River cruises travel along many of the major rivers in the world in North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Many river cruise lines offer seasonal itineraries for speciality cruises such as Food & Wine cruises and Christmas cruises. 


What can I expect on a river cruise ship?

Generally speaking, river cruise lines are known for their comfortable cabins, activities onboard, and tours. Most will have a restaurant, a bar and/or lounge, a sky deck, and sometimes a library and/or pool. Most have a fitness center, though not as robust as what’s on a typical ocean cruise ship. Guests who are veterans of ocean cruising should know ocean cruising and river cruising cannot (and should not) be compared. They are two very different experiences. The purpose of ocean cruising is to tour various ports on an itinerary, while river cruising is aimed at touring various towns and cities along a river. For the most part, dinner menus tend to correspond with the local cuisine of the region in which Guests are sailing and is a much more intimate experience than the larger dining rooms found on an ocean cruise ship. Cruising often takes place at night on both ocean and river cruises, so Guests wake up and and enjoy the port during the day; however, some itineraries require daytime sailing, which then allows Guests the opportunity to enjoy the scenery from their balcony or sky deck.


Who will enjoy a river cruise?

While some river cruise companies or select itineraries may be kid-friendly, that’s not always the case. River cruising typically appeals to Guests in the Baby Boomer range, but has grown in popularity with the younger Generation X. River cruising in certain areas of the world may not be suited for Guests with mobility issues. Many streets in Europe are cobblestone, making it difficult to walk or push a wheelchair. Additionally, many older buildings in small towns do not have wheelchair ramps. We tend to think as Americans, that all places we visit should adhere to our ADA guidelines, but that is not the case everywhere in the world.  


What are my options to book a river cruise?

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