At Neverland & Main Travel, we strive to create a seamless vacation experience that your family will remember for years to come. Planning a Disney Destination vacation can be overwhelming with so many resort and rooms options, tickets packages, dining plans and more! Let our knowledgeable team help determine the package that fits your family's needs and budget, then allow us to plan your magical vacation from start to finish. All you'll need to do is pay and pack! 

Mike's Family Vacation at Disney World

When done right, your Disney experience does not begin when you arrive, it begins as soon as you start planning.  With everything that Disney World has to offer from accommodations and travel choices to theme parks, attractions, and shows, you can get overwhelmed quickly under the pressure of wanting to build the very best experience for your child/children. Jennifer's tremendous knowledge and experience with all of this alleviates that pressure and allows you to enjoy the magical experience alongside your children, and for a brief period of time become a child again yourself.  Jennifer's attention to detail is impressive and she tailors your experience to your families needs. We have a child with a food allergy and we don't like waiting in lines. Our wait times were virtually zero on all rides and our meal plan included locations that everyone could enjoy the experience and eat what was provided.  We have used Jennifer twice and if we go 10 more times to Disney World, we will use Jennifer 10 more times.  Can't thank her enough!