Agent Application Form

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Basic Information


What is your highest level of education?

Are you currently enrolled in school? If so, how many hours per week do you attend class?

Are you willing to take travel certification courses on your time and at your own expense?

Yes   No

Are you willing to travel for continuing education courses, familiarization trips, and training sessions?

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Employment History

Please provide your employment history, complete with company name, position, years of employment, and recognition you received.

Are you currently employed?

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Have you ever worked for another travel agency? What was your reason for leaving? May we contact them?

Are you involved in any litigation activity with a travel agency or supplier?

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Building Your Business

What (if any) sales experience do you have?

How many hours per week would you be dedicating to this business and what would your schedule be each day?

Name a few of the "networks" you plan to tap into for potential business? In other words, what activities or group are you involved in that have the potential to generate new clients? (Please only list groups in which you plan to market yourself)

What social media platforms are you active on? Please provide links to your accounts.

How many times per week do you post on each?

Are you affiliated with any MLM companies? If yes, which one(s)?

Outside of social media, what marketing initiatives would you implement to build your business?

Have you ever used a travel advisor?

Yes   No

How would you describe your work style in terms of goal setting/evaluation, meeting deadlines, productivity and responsiveness?

List any apps, online platforms, office software, video conferencing, photo editing platforms you are comfortable using, as it would pertain to this job.

Many Agents, One Team

Give an example of a time you felt you went above and beyond the call of duty at work or within an organization.

Give an example of a time you had to course correct using a superior's criticism?

Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? And how does that translate to working with others in an online platform and by phone?

How do you handle working with people you may not always like or agree with?

Compensation & Business Goals

Are you aware that this is commission-based business and that commission is the only source of compensation?

Yes   No

What do you expect to earn after one year of work? After 5 years of work?

Protecting Our Brand & Our Clients

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

Yes   No

Will you pass a background check?
We reserve the right to perform a background check on potential hires.

Yes   No

Do you agree to purchase (if you do not currently own) tools to secure confidential information, such as secured internet network, document shredders, and a safe for client files?

Yes   No

Theme Park Experience

Please list all of your theme visits, including the year(s) you traveled and resort(s) you stayed.

Cruise Experience

Please list all the cruises you've taken by year. Be sure to list the cruise line, length of cruise, cruise itinerary, room category, and notate if it was a specialty "themed" sailing.

Domestic Travel Experience

Please list any domestic travel experience you have. This can include major cities, ski resorts, beaches, mountains, national parks, etc.

Caribbean & Mexico Experience

Please list any trips you've taken to the Caribbean or Mexico by year. We'll need to know the year you traveled and the resort you stayed or cruise line that brought you there.

International Travel Experience

Please list all of your international travel experience by year. We'll need to know the year you traveled, countries you visited, length of stay, landmarks you visited, etc.

Travel Experience / Expectations

What brands are you most familiar, where you feel you could sell with minimal training?

In the last three years, how many vacations have you personally taken? How many do you have planned in the next 12 months? Please include the dates, brands, and any other important information.

What is your favorite vacation destination and why?

What are few bucket list destinations or experiences you have?

Why is it so important for travel advisors to travel often? Can this be seen as a negative, and if so, how would you reshape that opinion?

How do you think travel has changed since COVID-19?